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“Fast Ram” Revisited

A few years ago, I made some friends on the Internet when I recorded a scratchy version of Paul and Linda McCartney’s “Ram” on 45 RPM into my computer and put it on SoundCloud. You can read the story behind that here, although I recently disabled the audio.

In this photo, Paul attempts to squeeze weed out of a ram.

In this photo, Paul attempts to squeeze weed out of a ram.

One of those friends, Alan Benard, liked what I did but thought it sounded a little Chipmunky and altogether too scratchy. So, he recreated the effect digitally and then pitched it down (using math, I presume) to, in his words, “squeeze all the marijuana out of it.”

I’m not sure why he’d want to squeeze the marijuana out of the record, and anyway that’s impossible because marijuana’s fat soluble. Everybody knows that. But while his motive may have been dubious, he did succeed in making something thoroughly enjoyable.




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Thanks, Alan Benard

Recently, I posted mp3s of Side A and Side B of Paul McCartney’s “Ram,” played on 45 RPM instead of 33. Last night, a visitor downloaded Side A and decided to make it sound just as low as it does on 33!

Check out Alan Benard’s cool pitch-corrected version of Paul McCartney’s “Ram” on 45 RPM. He used Audacity to reduce the pitch by 27%. It sounds pretty cool!

My friend Hunter pointed out that this new version has some odd “stereo imaging” problems, and I agree – it’s a bit warbly. But the little track has been through so much! It was sourced from a dollar-bin record, digitized by going through the 1/8″ headphone jack of my cheap portable turntable into the 1/8″ jack of my old Macintosh laptop, processed a little in Garageband, sent to iTunes, converted to .mp3, downloaded by Mr. Benard, (possibly) converted into .wav or .aiff, pitch-corrected in Audacity, and (possibly) converted back to .mp3. It’s kind of ridiculous!

My roommate, Adam, thinks that this version is way better. Even though it’s got some audio eccentricities, he’s willing to look past those because the lack of chipmunkness in Mr. Benard’s remix helps him to take the track “more seriously.” I think, after a couple of listens and careful consideration, that I agree with him.

But anyway… good job, Internet! This is so cool! Maybe one day Paul will issue an official version that employs studio wizardry to keep fidelity whilst changing both speed and pitch. We can dream.

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This is Soft Sailors! We're a new band from Los Angeles. We don't have any upcoming shows scheduled, but you can hear us online:

Also, here are some solo songs I've uploaded recently to Soundcloud. I'm playing solo July 19th at the Pickle Factory at 647 Lamar Street in Los Angeles and September 1st at Los Globos in LA for a KCHUNG benefit.

In 2011, I released my first solo album, Princess. You can listen to it and download it on Bandcamp:

From 2005 until 2011, I was in the band Pizza! This is our album We Come From the Swamp:

From 2008-2010, I was in the band Big Whup. Here's one of our songs that I sang, called "Cover My Eyes:"

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