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KXLU Setlist: August 7, 12-3pm

I was on the radio again today. I played:

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble // Reunification Rainbow
Julia Holter // In the Same Room
Voice on Tape // Sister May I

Fernanda Ulibarri // Crush
Winter // Alligator
Cornershop and Bubbly Kaur // Natch

Spoon // the Rent I Pay
the Aislers Set // the Red Door
Chris Knox // It’s Love

Whisperkid // Meet Me In a Dream
Kid Static // When My Soul Goes Down
Michael Vidal // Appraisal

“Missed Connections” Side A, featuring Sean Solomon, Lola Loshkey, Misha Poleshchuk, Steve Touchton, Charlyne Yi, Rhea Tepp, Geoff Geis, Evan Backer, the Sugar Frosted Lightbulbs, Denise Duncan, Michael Nhat, Steven Carrera, Haunted Tiger, and Andrew MacKelvie & Michael Reyder.

James Hetfield // Every “Yeah” Ever
Bür Gür // Bush
Maston // Young Hearts

Geoff Geis and Little Journey // One Cool Circus Remix
Theme Park // Milk (original)
Post Life // Prey

Twinkle // Golden Lights
Patti Smith // Redondo Beach

“Missed Connections” Side B, featuring Grant Capes & Justin McInteer, Pascal Stevenson, the Lingonberries, Nima Kazerouni, the Goats, Matthew Teardrop, David Scott Stone, Kid Infinity, Tommy Santee Klaws, and Pauline Lay & Rachel Birke.

Ocean Calling // Far West
Steppe People // One
Moses Campbell // Expectations

the Monolators // Want U Back (Cher Lloyd Cover)
Arthur Alexander // After You
Disco Cisco and the Dreampunks // Ride Operator
the Raincoats // Honey Mad Woman

Habits // Ride (Soft Sailors Remix)
Geoff Geis // We Can’t Stop (Miley Cyrus Cover)

Background music from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, the Dukes of Dixieland, Ennio Morricone, and Christmas Piano Favorites.

Saw this sick ride on the way home.

Saw this sick ride on the way home.

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KXLU Setlist: June 20, from 3-6pm

Look, I did another radio show. I played:

Sparks // Funny Face
Philip Glass + Janice Pendarvis // Lightning

Together PANGEA // Alive
Devon Williams // Games
So Many Wizards // Night Chills

Winter // Alligator
Family Fodder // Debbie Harry
Dinosaur // Kiss Me Again

Moses Campbell // Cold
Bür Gür // Shorts
inner Ecstacy // Ascension

the Neo Boys // Give Me the Message
Minor Threat // Stumped
the Mo-dettes // White Mice
the Vaselines // Slushy

Kid Infinity // the Big Why
Magii // Magii
Dnonkong // In the Oceanery
Disco Cisco and the Dreampunks // Ride Operator

Jeremy Jay // Secret Sounds
Devo // Turnaround
Fun Boy Three // the Pressure of Life Takes Weight Off the Body
White Lies // Death

Wire // Doubles and Trebles


Facts on File // Get it Together
Spooks // Down to the River

Jew Cocks // Crazy Mako
Mistah Fab // Ghost Ride It
Future Islands // A Dream of Us

Norse Horse // Sun Corridor
Jonathan Fire Eater // When the Curtain Calls For You
Evan Voytas // Getting Higher
Sean Nicholas Savage // You Changed Me

Claude Francois // Hip Hip Hip Hoorah
Thomas Function // Sherman’s March

Brother Love and the Breakups // Honey Child
Summer Vacation // It’s My Birthday
Noice // Television

Nick Nicely // Hilly Fields
the Homosexuals // Vociferous Slam
Garageland // Fingerpops

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KXLU setlist: June 5, from 9am – 12pm

This is what I played today on the radio:

Jacob Cooper // Silver Threads
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble // Reunification Rainbow
Ghost Noise // Space Opera
American Gil and the Major Dudes // Lunchtime Riverside (Tucson version)

Julia Holter // Maria
ALONE // Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Shirelles cover)
Arthur Alexander // Without a Song
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart // Falling Over (DJ Downfall Sprechenbann Mix)

the Monolators // Silver Cities
No // Leave the Door Wide Open
Pitbull // Don’t Stop the Party (DJ Detweiler version)
Spooks // Down to the River

Traps PS // Back Station
Rainbow Arabia // Without You
Hawnay Troof // Gods are Crazy

Dream Panther // Chutes and Ladder
Burning Palms // Pyramid
Liars // Can’t Hear Well
Divine // You Think You’re a Man

Fun Boy Three // the Tunnel of Love
So Many Wizards // Day Dream
Washing Machines // Big Cyst

Soft Sailors // Work Doesn’t Pay
José Larralde // Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
Tune-Yards // Gangsta
Elf Power // Grey Cloth Covering My Face

*Erik Felix Block*
Post Life // 23
Keychain // Copy and Paste
Pulse Out // One and the Same

Jimmy Cliff // Ruby Soho (Rancid cover)
James // If Things Were Perfect
Belle and Sebastian // Your Cover’s Blown (Miaoux Miaoux remix)

TV Nicks // Identity
Bür Gür // Bush
a Horse a Spoon a Bucket // Bubblegum
Geoff Geis // Tongue (REM cover – 2014 remix)

the Schlangerflowers // Der Wilde, Wilde Westen
Roberto Cacciapaglia // Measurable Joys
So Wrong // You Stole My Drugs
Althea and Donna // Uptown Top Ranking

Casey Chisholm // Tell Your Self
Kid Infinity // The End is Never Now
Michael Vidal // Appraisal
Gary Rafferty // Baker Street (DJ Detweiler version)

Orange Juice // Wan Light
Yelle // Ce Jeu

Arthur Russell // That’s Us/Wild Combination

Background music by Dnonkong, the Dukes of Dixieland, Philip Glass, a random compilation of instrumental Tropicalia, and myself.

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Playlist from KXLU, Jan 5

With Dalton. Italics indicate “new adds:”


  • Moses Campbell – It’s Over 1
  • Fabio – After Dark
  • Evan Voytas – ASTRO
  • La Sera – Never Come Around
  • Voice on Tape – Sister May I
  • ESG – UFO
  • Fabio – After Dark
  • Family Fodder – Film Music
  • the Moviegoers – Big High School
  • Reading Rainbow – Wasting Time
  • Vibe Dispensary – Spitting in the Mirror
  • Dead Western Plains – Alta
  • Kurt Vile – Early Dawnin
  • the Fresh and Onlys – Nothing Ever Happens
  • Kai Martin – Jag Dansar Inte
  • The Electronic Concept Orchestra – Penny Lane
  • LA Ladies Choir – Oh My Beautiful World
  • Pizza! – Big Mammoth Skull
  • Le Switch – How We Imagined It
  • Skull Tape – Whip My Hair (Gimme the Blood)
  • Ty Segall and Michael Cronin – Wear Black
  • Jon Barba – I’m Sorry
  • Halloween Swim Team – Pitch Black (Jonathan Tramp Remix)
  • Jud Jud – selections from “No Tolerance for Instruments”
  • Kit – Rain
  • the Mae Shi – Run to Your Grave
  • Melt Banana – Tapir’s Flown Away
  • Nobunny – Your Mouth
  • Sister Fucker – School Spirit
  • the High Dwellers – Sitting Alone at Movies
  • Julia Holter – In the Same Room
  • Cloud Nothings – Old Street
  • Mistah FAB – Ghost Ride It
  • the Mo-dettes – White Mouse (Disco)
  • We Are the World – Fight Song
  • Hawnay Troof – the Gods Are Crazy
  • from “Mega Man”
  • Moog Cookbook – Hotel California
  • Maskull – Hollywood Gypsy
  • Little Teeth – Billows
  • Sara Goes Pop – Fleeced
  • Stolen Power – Little White Lies
  • Uli and the Gringos – No Quero
  • Chelsea Wolfe – Widow
  • Os Mutantes – Panis et circensis
  • Deathskull and her Rigormorts – Jackie Robinson
  • James – Fire So Close
  • Jandek – Variant
  • Manu Chao – Papito
  • Phil Wilson – Three Days
  • BKK – Secret War
  • My Little Airport – Leo, Are You Still Jumping Out of Windows in Expensive Clothes?
  • Ice Cream Truck songs

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Playlist from KXLU, Jan 4

Italics indicate “new adds:”

  • Graham Gouldman – Go For It
  • the Homosexuals – Vociferous Slam
  • Dream Being – Cara Mia
  • Dungen – Vara Snabb
  • Emily Lacy – 7 Dawn
  • the Afro Soul Tet – Afrodesia
  • the Hive Dwellers – Sitting Alone at the Movies
  • No Paws (no lions) – No Ghosts
  • the Happy Hollows – Lieutenant
  • the Fresh and Onlys – Tell Me What You Want to Know
  • Dnonkong – Heaven Only Knows
  • Oorutaichi – Uiui-mar-chan
  • Captain Bartok – Bartok Obama
  • Vibe Dispensary – No Resistance
  • Kid Static – Glare
  • Deerhoof/Kasai Allstars –  Travel Broadens the Mind
  • Jon Barba – I’m Sorry
  • Wasteland Jazz Unit – Tiger Hatchery
  • Fernanda Ulibarri – Sol
  • Laco$te – Cellie
  • Crocodiles – Soft Skull (In My Room)
  • Angelo Spencer et L’ Orchidee d’ Hawaii – L’argent (part one)
  • Pesteg Dred – Almost
  • from “Castlevania”
  • Reading Rainbow – Tough Love
  • Geeta Dutt – Karib Aao
  • Orange Juice – Flesh of My Flesh
  • Vibe Dispensary – Spitting in the Mirror
  • Dead Western Plains – Alta
  • the Pine Hill Haints – My Bones Are Gonna Rise Again
  • Hawnay Troof – Bizarre Triangle
  • Half Japanese – Penny in the Fountain
  • Happiness – I’m Just a Fool
  • Happy Birthday – Girls FM
  • Future Islands – Walking Through that Door
  • Einstürzende Neubauten – Wenn Dann
  • Quem Quaeritis – Taco Party
  • La Sera -Never Come Around
  • Kid Infinity – P.Y.C.O.
  • Abe Vigoda – All Night and All Day
  • Hard Place – Photographer
  • Dump – the Big Bands
  • Patrik Fitzgerald – George
  • Oru Cantado – Kesho o Elegbara e Kiri Nya Kiri Nya  Ago
  • Skull Tape – Whip My Hair (Gimme The Blood)
  • the Raincoats – Shouting Out Loud
  • Halloween Swim Team – Pitch Black
  • Garageland – Fingerpops
  • the Monolators – Silver Cities

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