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Echo Chamber – coming this summer!

Okay, so I’m writing for LA Record again!

conradjoetext96hdark12aI actually quit on my own volition. My column, “Heart of Darkness,” was supposed to be all about my adventures going to underground shows on the East Side. And maybe I did a pretty good job at first, but eventually it became a chore because I burned out on going to shows and stopped being a legitimate representative of the scene I was supposed to represent…

I’m in a different place now, and I’m glad. And so the next print edition of the magazine will include my first column in a while.

I’m really excited about the subject matter of this one: a collaborative art space called Echo Chamber in the former Echo Curio spot on 1519 Sunset Blvd. It taps into history, but it also promises the future. Curators Sarah Cisco and Rhea Tepp have been putting a ton of effort into doing something aimed at expanding our ideas about what communal arts spaces can be.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.30.50 AMI was going to post my column here today in order to help them on Kickstarter — but they’ve actually already achieved their goal! So I’ll save my column for the magazine, which should be available all over town in the next couple of weeks. I know I’m excited.

But even though they’ve already reached their own goal, Echo Chamber has pledged to donate the first $400 they receive over their goal to helping out other community spaces: the Smell, Pehrspace, LA Fort, and HM 157. So go and support not just Echo Chamber but the greater DIY/DIT community by donating on Kickstarter. Join the club!

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.31.01 AMHere’s a bit of the interview that I did with Rhea to prepare the article. Much of this didn’t make it into the actual column because I had to focus on all the rad events that are coming up! In the following passage, Rhea expounds upon the nature of DIY/DIT spaces and her motivation for putting together projects like this.

The first event is July 3, by the way. You should RSVP on Facebook.

Here’s Rhea:

“There is a sense of urgency within the DIY/DIT community that both empowers its existence and makes it quite vulnerable. For those who choose to create the spaces for individuals to express freely, operating these venues is their art.

I certainly consider organizing Zine Fest and Echo Chamber a facet of what makes me an artist. I find a lot more freedom available as a performer in a space than I do as the space creator. If I use a curse word while performing, the FCC isn’t going to be sitting in the audience waiting to tell me I can no longer share my art with the public. It terrifies me to imagine that as an actual reality, but in a sense, that’s the type of restriction that artists who open independent creative spaces are facing.

Those who want to open a creative space with artistic intentions first and foremost, and business intentions second, third or perhaps not at all, are incredibly restricted in their ability to do so.

There is also a disconnect between artists and our local government, so often the resources feel inaccessible that would allow for an artist who is not also a business person to create that space. It can be difficult as an artist in Los Angeles to know if our local government values independent artistic communities. A number of local venues have been shut down over the years (Echo Curio, Church on York), close out of fear, or reevaluate their initial mission in order to operate.

One space that definitely stands out as one that has had to reevaluate its purpose for the community is the L.A Fort. The space has been open for a year and a half and began with a focus on live music. After being unable to continue hosting shows, the space is now a membership-run collective of individual studios.

I want to create a temporary environment for collaborations between all types of artists, face-to-face. I value the connections I make with people at a live music show, but those moments are often lacking the environment to create and share ideas together. An event like L.A. Zine Fest certainly revealed to me that the desire for these connections exists and is incredibly powerful right now within this culture.

I want people to put down their smart phones for a moment and be open to making a zine beside someone, or maybe even with them. I want people to share stories of what the creative process is like and take time to connect through these experiences.

Check out the next issue of LA Record for more…


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This will be exciting: Saccharine Surreality

Do you know about Saccharine Surreality?

It’s an exciting art show opening at Pehrspace this Saturday, January 12. Curated by Sarah Cisco, it features approximately 10,000 amazing artists who have created work in celebration of mankind’s “most innocent vice” (tell that to Lil’ Wayne!), candy. There will be lots of free candy and there will also be amazing candy-inspired cocktails.

The show will be up at Pehr until March. But there are special reasons for you to attend the opening. First, there will be a wonder-tent. Don’t ask me what it is, but know that it is a “one night only” thing and AWESOME. Second, I’ll be performing a few candy-themed cover songs at certain points during the night. I’ll never be playing these again, so if you want to hear me do a slowed-down, reverb-drenched, synth-heavy cover of Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy,” this is your only chance. Hint: you do want to hear that!

Anyhoo, feel free to RSVP on Facebook so that everybody knows you’ll be there. The 100th RSVP gets free candy (just kidding, everybody gets free candy).

Here’s Ms. Cisco working on the tent:


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This Saturday at Human Resources

On Saturday, June 23, I’ll be playing my songs at the illustrious Human Resources in Chinatown. The bill was put together by Dylan Doren and features him as well as fantastic friends Michael Nhat, K the I???, Paper Slag, Orbless, and C Will. You can RSVP on Facebook!

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What an all star lineup. Even if I wasn’t in So Many Wizards, I would attend this show. Come and get a peek of our new video, “I Like it Here,” directed by Walt Gorecki (who did an excellent job directing the video for my song “Jeremy” last year). This is the only chance to see the video before its official release!

RSVP on Facebook.

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This Friday, May 11 at Home Room

Wow, I’m really excited about this one. Home Room is one of my favorite spots in town, and I’m playing with groups I really admire!

Body Parts is headlining the show and will be debuting the video for their song “Doing Things.” In celebration, they’ll playing an acoustic set rather than an electric one. Everything Body Parts does seems so meticulously crafted (their debut album is even called “On Purpose”), so I’m interested to see how they translate their tunes without electricity. I’m confident that it’ll be excellent.

Joining us on the bill is Norse Horse, a relentlessly-catchy guitar driven project that last year released the excellent Grids EP on Family Time Records.

Opening the show is iloilo, a project from ex-members of Pek Pek. This is their first show, and I couldn’t figure out how to embed their tracks, but they sound good! Lots of hazy, hypnotic acoustic guitars and reverb-drenched mystery.

Home Room is located at 3121 Beverly Blvd, in that area of town that could alternately be called “South Silverlake” or “North Koreatown.” The show starts at 9PM, and I go on second. It’s all ages and $5.

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What am I doing?

This month sees me returning, happily, to the grind of having performances all the time. I’ve got a lot of solo shows in November, including one to celebrate my first music video! I also started playing bass in So Many Wizards, and I’ve got a few performances with them. I’m very excited to be part of a group that has long been among my favorites.

Here’s the calendar:

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Alabama show

I’m going to play at Vertical House in Huntsville with Porcharitas on October 10th!

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The picture above is from my show at Pehrspace on August 1st, which was the release party for my album Princess. It was an exciting show, and I’m really grateful for all the amazing people who came to see it. Sean Carnage has more photos on his website.

I’ve been doing a lot to promote the album, but probably the most fun thing has been this interview I gave to Mark Givens (of D.I.Y. heroes Wckr Spgt) for his massive electronic literary zine, MungBeing. Mark let me talk – a lot – about my musical history, my ideas about digital distribution, and Marcel Duchamp (of course). If you like that kind of stuff, you should read it! If not, you might want to check the nice little mp3 sampler that comes along with the interview – it includes some rare and unreleased jamz from my solo act, Big Whup, the New Motherfuckers, and Pizza!

Speaking of Pizza!, we just released this new video for our old song “Be a Man.” It was directed, beautifully, by our friend Blaine Ludy. When will we finally release new music? Sooner than you’d expect…

Oh yes, and there are also a couple of live shows to promote. One is this party at 5 Star Bar to celebrate the anniversary of the Summer Fun Time Society, an event production crew headed by my pal Vivian. You can RSVP on Facebook. Here’s a flyer for that one:

Finally, I’m organizing an event with FMLY on Saturday, Aug 27 at Tierra de la Culebra in Highland Park. It’s a “stripped-down” affair, and it will feature semi-acoustic performances by the likes of the Monolators, So Many Wizards, Dnonkong, Seasons, and Magick Orchids. You can also bring an instrument if you’d like to jam as well. Here’s the Facebook invitation. A flyer is forthcoming.

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“Princess” release party

Sooo… to celebrate my new album Princess, I’m going to play a Monday Night at Pehrspace on August 1st. I’m extraordinarily honored, because my performance is also the first week of a monthlong celebration of six years of Monday shows curated by Sean Carnage and Kyle Mabson. I’m so excited!

You can RSVP on Facebook. Here’s the poster:

Geoff Geis Princess Release Party at Pehrspace with Sisterfucker, the Monolators, and Mind Cemetery. Presented by Sean Carnage.

Monday, August 1
$5 All Ages 9 PM
325 Glendale Blvd​/

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Where have you been all my life?

I mentioned last week that I was playing a solo show at Pehrspace this Friday. That’s still true, and you can still RSVP on Facebook.

Today, Lord Growing (the guy who is producing the show) posted a new mp3 by me on his website. I titled it “Where U Been?,” and it’s a cover of Arthur Alexander‘s “Where Have You Been (All My Life)?”

Download it here.

Read more about it on the 704 Blog.

I had an interesting conversation with Sarah about my choice for a title. I’m a writer by profession – of educational materials, moreover – so I should know better than to use “U” in a song title. Moreover, it’s a little odd that I decided to replace a perfectly proper title with something silly. I’ve always disliked it when artists use “R”s and “2”s and “U”s.

I told her that I did it as a goof on Prince. It’s a joke!

Nonetheless, she thinks that’s unacceptable. Perhaps there are things about which we oughtn’t joke, like proper grammar and spelling.

She has a point. Can anyone even tell that I’m joking?

“Where U Been?” by Geoff Geis


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This is Soft Sailors! We're a new band from Los Angeles. We don't have any upcoming shows scheduled, but you can hear us online:

Also, here are some solo songs I've uploaded recently to Soundcloud. I'm playing solo July 19th at the Pickle Factory at 647 Lamar Street in Los Angeles and September 1st at Los Globos in LA for a KCHUNG benefit.

In 2011, I released my first solo album, Princess. You can listen to it and download it on Bandcamp:

From 2005 until 2011, I was in the band Pizza! This is our album We Come From the Swamp:

From 2008-2010, I was in the band Big Whup. Here's one of our songs that I sang, called "Cover My Eyes:"

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