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Letter to Chick-fil-a

I wrote this letter to Chick-fil-a’s corporate headquarters. You can also write them a letter.

Hi Hi:

As a child in the South, I grew up eating Chick-fil-a. Your chicken biscuits were my favorite. I was so happy when your restaurants came to California! I’m actually a vegetarian now, but I still have fond memories of eating at Chick-fil-a when I was younger. Until last week, I occasionally went to your restaurants for a snack of waffle fries and your delicious sauces. What a testament to how tasty your food is, right?

Then, your CEO decided to come out publicly against human rights. And now I’ve learned that, to my utter horror, some of the money that I spent on those waffle fries was used to further an agenda that I find despicable: using our legal system to treat people unequally for no reason other than your misguided and unfounded personal beliefs.

Anyway, I’m writing to let you know that I just donated to GLAAD. The amount was more than I’ve spent at Chick-fil-a since you came to California, so it will go beyond merely counterbalancing my contribution to your sick and twisted cause. I’ll also never eat at your restaurant again, and I’ll use every ounce of persuasive power that I can muster to convince my friends to join me in my boycott. This is after almost three decades of being a loyal customer, too! Think about this: I was such a loyal customer that I continued to patronize your restaurants even after I stopped eating the main thing that you serve. Yet this is too much. It’s a shame that your CEO’s bigotry has driven me to abandon something I love, but morals are more important than waffle fries and your organization is morally bankrupt.

Here’s hoping you go out of business forever!



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