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Download “Into the Forest” by Magii


Magii – Into the Forest with Magii

On Saturday, I played a show at the LA Lottery League with a band called Magii. The band was put together randomly as part of the LA Lottery League, and even though I’d previously met all of my bandmates I didn’t actually know any of them. We had a good time becoming friends, and we crafted three songs of which we’re all proud. I sing background and play guitar and keyboard on this record, which sounds quite different from the music I’ve normally made.

Thanks so much to the Council of Chiefs, who made the LA Lottery League happen! It was such a brilliant idea, and it had such excellent results all-around.

Into the Forest with Magii was produced by me and Joaquin Pastor.

True to the speedy and random nature of the Lottery League itself, I created this hodgepodge of imagary in 60 minutes using only an iPod:

Photo Credit: Charles Mallison


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