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Playlist from KXLU, Oct 22

On October 22, I substituted for Molly on KXLU. With me were Mike and Pascal. This is what we played, including new Pizza! songs:

  • Pizza! – Buttersaw
  • So Many Wizards – Nico
  • Future Islands – Walking Through that Door

  • Hecuba – Extra Connection
  • Cambodian Cassette Archives – Lady Named No

  • Pizza! – Riding Thru the Jungle
  • Minor Threat – Salad Days
  • Pastor John Rydrgren – Search it Out!
  • ABC World News Tonight Theme
  • Evan Voytas – Getting Higher
  • Philip Glass – the Grid (excerpt)
  • Pigeons or Panthers – Praise

  • Barrie Rose – Young
  • Agent Ribbons – Oh La La
  • Kid Infinity – the Big Why

  • Geoff Geis – Super Bowl B4 De-lete
  • Laco$te – Numbers
  • Tennis – Marathon
  • Julia Holter – in the Same Room
  • Pine Hill Haints – My Bones Are Gonna Rise Again

  • Pizza! – Big Mammoth Skull
  • Uli & the Gringos – Parara
  • Moses Campbell – And It’s Over #1
  • SIGNALS – What Dreams
  • Amanda Jo Williams – the Man Who Sold the World
  • Barry Blue – Dancin’ on a Saturday Night
  • Thomas Function – Sherman’s March

  • Dirt Dress – An Introduction
  • Michael Nhat – Here’s a Mop to Clean the Floor
  • Hawnay Troof – Gods are Crazy
  • Johnnny Horton – the Battle of New Orleans

  • Pizza! – Saturday Night
  • Mooney Starr – An Uptown Novelty

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One Response

  1. Mooney Starr says:

    Thank you so much for playing my song “An Uptown Novelty” by Mooney Starr.

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