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Teddy Roosevelt once beat the crap out of someone for blowing his nose!

Today is Flag Day. One Flag Day, 102 years ago, Teddy Roosevelt bludgeoned someone with a stick because he was blowing his nose on the American flag. Roosevelt did not know the man, who met with the president’s cane because he just happened to be dining near Teddy. He also didn’t apologize to the man (but rather hit him once more) after finding out that he was actually not blowing his nose on the American flag but on a normal handkerchief.

Normally when I write about Teddy Roosevelt, what I write is silly, fictional, or hyperbolic. That’s not the case with this story. This story actually happened, in 1908, when Roosevelt presided over the Executive Branch of these United States.

Today, presidents seldom beat strangers.


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  1. L. Growing says:

    “Rough, tough, we’re the stuff
    We want to fight and we can’t get enough
    -A Rough Rider chant

    Whoopee, indeed.

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